About Me

I have always been the one who channeled all my energy into making people happy. I take pride in making people laugh and making people feel good. As I’ve gotten older, I have become more aware of the world around me, and have already faced a lifetime of adversity, rough patches, and life-changing experiences at my young age of 25. Making people happy has become a lot harder when my heart aches for the people and world around me. While I fight everyday to be the “light on a hill” that my religion calls me to be, I am still overwhelmed by the amount of hate, cruelty, injustice, heartache, and wasted talent shown all over the world. I write on many of these topics, as they constantly flood my thoughts.

I have always had a knack for writing. Since I could barely talk, I’ve always begged my parents for new notebooks, which can be found in nearly every book shelf in my house. Ever since I can remember, writing has been therapeutic to me. In my teens, I often felt such strong feelings that sometimes the only way I could explain to someone what they felt like or meant was through poetry. I have written short stories since I was young, and to this day keep multiple journals used for several purposes. I enjoy sharing my words with the world in hopes of inspiring or invoking thought and creativity in others, as I hope I accomplish with my blog.

Lastly, I chose to name my blog “the glowstick experience” because I believe that tough times bring out the best or worst in us. I have been tested countless times in unbelievable ways, and yet I am still here to tell every tale. Some of my best moments have come from my character being tested or broken. I base my blog on my personal experiences, in hopes that readers can too find the best versions of themselves in times of struggle and concern.

Academic Credentials: High School Diploma (Spring Lake Park High School, 2012), B.A. in English (Hamline University, 2017), MAT Graduate Program (Hamline University, in progress), Secondary Teaching License (5-12 Comm Arts/Lit, in progress)