7 Truths for Those Who Never Get Things Handed to Them

If you’re anything like me, you’ve never once had anything ever “handed” to you. In more plain English, you’ve never gotten a reward without earning it. After rowing my entire life in this boat, I started to fish and caught on to some consistencies.

1.You’ve had to work for every single thing in your life

Even though it’s already been stated, whether it’s in sports, relationships, schooling, or business related, you’ve always had to grind in order to even just survive in these settings. Sure, you might have won the occasional raffle ticket drawing at a fundraiser or found a quarter on the ground, but you’ve always had to work for the bigger, more important things in life.

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2. Most times, your efforts aren’t good enough

This is not meant to be a complaint, but rather a truth. Most times, you watch people around you give a less than 100% effort and be successful and rewarded. Meanwhile, you find yourself giving everything you have and then some, just to be told you aren’t doing enough. Doesn’t mean we can’t rise to the challenge, it just means our normal efforts are generally not enough.

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3. You secretly despise people who get things handed to them

It’s hard watching someone slack off or not even try reap all the benefits. Even worse, it’s irritating to see people who are cocky and unappreciative of what they got, especially when they didn’t earn it. You probably don’t say it often or even out loud, but we secretly despise these people.

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4. You’re used to working hard

Since we know that all of our successes have come from excruciating hours of work and effort, we know that whatever we are trying to achieve, we are going to have to work for it. We know that whatever it is we are trying to accomplish, we are going to have to work harder than everyone else even if we are finally earning our rewards, because the minute we start slacking, we are back to square one of being told we’re underachieving.

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5. At some point, you’ve questioned yourself

We’ve all done it. At some point or another, you start to question your worth, skillset, and confidence, eventually asking yourself things like, “do I have more to give?”, “do I belong here?”, “why am I the one being punished?”, “why me?”. It’s the same concept as a group of cars speeding on a highway, when a cop decides to pull only one over, and it happens to be you. You could tell the cop that the others were speeding as well and you were just trying to follow traffic, but you know the cop has heard that excuse before. The lesson you take away is you are one of the less fortunate people who must do everything right in this life in order to go far and be successful (and to avoid a ticket).

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6. You refuse to accept things you didn’t earn

We would absolutely love if someone handed us a trophy for doing nothing, but since we work our tails off 24/7, accepting the trophy doesn’t feel right. Sometimes this annoys people, but since we are wired to work and compete hard for pretty much everything, it’s just not in our mechanics to accept unearned material.

7. In the end, you’re fine with working hard

While working hard isn’t always fun, it’s necessary for you, and you’re okay with it. Water is going to taste a lot better for a runner who just finished a five mile race than to someone who sat on the couch all day watching Netflix.

If you find yourself relating to this post, then you and I have a lot in common. Just remember, good things will come to those who work. It might take days, weeks, years, or even decades, but if you keep fighting, you’ll finally catch what you’ve been chasing. Remember, “it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”